3 Things That Will Help Your Career And Your Job Search

Most of us opt to compete and accept job stress as part of the price of on-the-job success. Let’s face it, the only other option is to accept a safe, secure and quiet position–stress free and probably boring. Job stress is the American way!

I cannot stress this enough when it comes to your interviews. Ask a lot of questions! You have to know and understand what you might be getting into. Make sure the opportunity is right for you. Most of the people that are unhappy in their careers are unhappy because they’re working for the wrong company and they’re in the wrong position. Don’t make this mistake. By asking a lot of questions you can make sure the opportunity is right for YOU.

Did you know having a mentor can also be another great way to network? I know from experience that having someone more experienced in your industry and field to discuss ideas and questions with can be really valuable. They are also a great networking source as well since they are familiar with your skills, experience, and current objectives and goals.

Build your network of professional contacts, as well as friends that may be able to help you network with others during your Warehouse agencies London. LinkedIn basic service is free but if you wish to contact people you do not know and do not have an acquaintance that can make an introduction, you will need to upgrade to a paid service with LinkedIn. For now, the basic package is a great start.

The more job openings, the better and faster results are for hunters. They move from opportunity to opportunity, taking their best shot. Good hunters do well and even weak hunters get by – with lots of targets.

A good way to avoid isolation is to keep in touch with the people in your network, including any recruitment consultants you may be dealing with. Apart from reducing loneliness, doing this helps you remain ‘visible’ and more ‘front of mind’. This, in turn, improves the chances of people recognising opportunities for you.

Tip number ten: keep your options open especially if you are out of work. Sometimes you have to get back in the game before you can advance in your career. Be realistic about your goals and how you are going to achieve them and you will see that the job offers will start rolling in. Good luck!