How Do You Make Your Own Hip Hop Beats?

Speed, power, and storage capacity that can rival some of the top desk top models, throw in the portability factor and it’s a no-brainer. You don’t need a big desk top anymore to have a powerful computer to run your home recording studio.

A. I don’t usually believe in “fate” but I have to say after moving here I definitely do. My neighbor in the complex I was living in was doing the 48 Hour Film Project. It is a country wide happening. You and your film team are given 48 hours to create a movie short, using a prop, a name, a genre and a key word that they assign to you; and it all has to be done in 48 hours. She asked me if I could please fill in because the person who she originally cast quit.

One of the issues that may come up when making new club beats is how to get good quality sound. Another thing you may come across is how to put all of it together into a tune that sounds good.

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All videos begin with an idea. Be creative; think viral and longevity. Creativity is what makes production companies so successful. When you are creative and produce a video that is really good, chances are that people who see it will pass it on, hence the word viral.

I knew whoever made that song had to earn some amount of money for letting it get aired, not to mention all the exposure his name got from the listeners. I was always a big fan of music in general, but I couldn’t really sing or play any instruments. Then I remembered, you don’t have to sing or play an instrument to earn a decent income by creating music. I laughed because that thought sounded so crazy but it was true!

I was all of 19 years old. I had hair the color of fire and I was as skinny as an ice-cream stick. I stood in the control room of studio A-1 at A and R Recording next to the big 16-track tape machine. The orchestra has just finished playing the song, “Send in the Clowns,” from Judy’s Grammy-winning hit-album, Judith.

This is a great example of development into the professional music industry, Logic Pro and Protools are industry standard software programs and that is where you want to end up.. But don’t rush yourself.