How To Keep Safe While Painting

Visiting a dog museum was probably one of the last things I ever expected to do when I set out on a trip to attend a lumber grading seminar in Memphis several years ago.

Today I have two collections of treasured memorabilia from my grandmother. One is her large collection of Renaissance house painting compendiums, from Michelangelo to Raphael. The other is a small square box I keep locked in a safe, its contents more precious than gold. A box full of index cards, the kind she never needed, filled with instructions to all of her best recipes.

First, dust off the windows. Use a damp cloth to absorb dust. Scrape any debris that has gotten stuck onto the windows. Sand the surface to smoothen it evenly. Whether the window is still in good condition or in a bad state, sanding it is necessary to remove the sheen from the gloss paint. If you do not do this, the paint will not adhere to the window.

When you look for peer review groups, writing courses, workshops and the like, look for people who are working the same way you wish to do. If you think Larry Brooks’ work fits you best, look for his books, courses and workshops. For a peer-review or writing group, your best bet is others who are using the same work. Otherwise, pretty much everyone is going to have a different viewpoint of the Craft and you’ll all spend a lot of time sorting it out.

Family car – a car that ideally fits all the kids, their school bags, their bikes and more often than not, some of their friends. Don’t forget about the family dog too!

Use the tips of round brushes for the basic shapes in your painting, to paint smaller areas, and to add details. To apply or push around thick amounts of paint, use the flat/shader brush. You can also use the chisel edge of this brush for thin lines.

Your marketing funnel starts out as a way to meet new people, it is non-intrusive and seeks to find ways to create an ongoing connection. Creating value engenders trust and will further establish you as someone they want to connect to. These are the initial step you need in order to guarantee that you will succeed in network marketing.