Pricing Your Home In An Adjusting Market

Real estate has always and will always be one of the most valuable commodities on this planet. No matter how we may change its landscape, develop, improve or alter its appearance, we simply can’t make anymore of it.

There are so many details involved with purchasing a house, that having a realtor to help you remember them all will minimize the chances that you will “get taken for a ride”. Housing prices right now are the highest they’ve ever been – so even a small mistake or misunderstanding can be VERY costly!

As a nha pho professional, your revenue is limited only by your time. That means that you need to spend as little of it as possible on each transaction, while maintaining a high level of professionalism and client service. So what does that have to do with investor business? It has everything to do with it.

One bedroom condos in DC are currently listed at $235,000 for 691 square feet in the Palisades, to $250,000 in Glover Park, $369,900 in Dupont Circle, to $700,000 for over 1,000 square feet at the Ritz Carlton residences with 1 garage parking spot. There are currently 44 one bedroom condos on the market in downtown NW DC.

What does this mean? Your mortgage payment will be about $160 less per month. That can mean positive cash flow. You also have created $25,000 in equity if the home is now up to the standards of the other homes around it, and so worth $115,000. That means that if being a landlord doesn’t suit you, you can sell the house for a nice profit.

Finally, work on the furniture and accessories to give the home a more inviting feel. Some companies offer staging furniture rentals. Typically, staging furniture is smaller than standard-sized furniture. This produces an illusion that makes the rooms appear larger than they actually are.

Make a list of areas of application. Hold a staff meeting to discuss. Share this memo with the group. Discuss how you can use language and these changes to get patients to say yes. Put these to use right away.