Surefire Ways To Increase Likes For Your Facebook Fan Page!

There are so many websites out there giving tips on how to get more Facebook “likes.” Today, I want to share 2 strategies that work extremely well. If you use these 2 simple little strategies consistently, you will no doubt increase your fan base very quickly. Okay, let’s get straight to it.

If you want a controlled environment, free of people advertising their old bookcases and cars then start a forum on your website. Easy, you can then control it as much as you like, after all, its yours. You manage the site, setup the terms and conditions of people engaging on it, and pay for it to be there. So its your right to do whatever you like with that online space. Afterall, its your site, and users can decide if they want to be part of it or not. Simple.

Create an editorial calendar in 1-month periods. Pre-flight general & evergreen posts with facebook posting softwares. Drop in breaking news as it happens.

It’s my job to give you the facts when it comes to WordPress and online marketing. Then it becomes your job what you do with that knowledge. My opinions are not based on the regurgitation of something I read online or the suggestions of certain experts I read about in books. They are based on the cold hard facts of what I’m doing with my own company, have done in all of my companies and those of my clients.

In case you are engaged in email marketing, you have a mailing list. Use this mailing list to inform your subscribers about your Facebook fan page. You could also include a link to your page in the mail to enable your subscribers to visit your fan page effortlessly. You will get more auto like when you do so.

1) Your personal profile friends limit is 5,000 people. A business Page has no limit to the number of people who can be part of it. Don’t you want as many people in your tribe as possible?

A few Facebook likes could mean thousands of dollars to your bottom line if they give your website the extra boost it needs to get first page rankings.